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Empowering Future Generations

Tips to help us make more conscious heartfelt decisions:

Here are some ways to save toys from dying in your landfill.

  • Have a toy exchange party.  This is a great alternative for birthdays and Christmas.
  • Purchase new used toys from 2nd hand stores.
  • Donate or pass down your unwanted toys to friends or relatives.
  • Wait a week or two before buying a new toy from the store.  You might change your mind by then and want something else.
  • Box up all the toys you don’t play with and bring them back out in a month.
  • Fix your broken toys.  Paint them or build a new toy from all the broken ones.
  • Use a lunch box instead of a paper lunch bag to school.
  • Pack a reusable cloth napkin instead of a paper napkin.

Do you know how long each item lives buried in a landfill? 

Paper Bag
Wool Socks
Leather Boot
Tin Can (Soup or Vegetable Cans)
Soda Can

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